Happy Cube Solver Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ActFocusComboBoxActFocusComboBox is the combo-box of the solution number is ModelHelpDlg
ActionPushButtonActionPushButton is a QPushButton which takes its characteristics from a QAction
AssembleStepDlgAssembleStepDlg is the small dialog that contains a slider that controls the assembly step shown
BoundedBlockBoundedBlock contains the walls existance data of a single voxel
BoundedBlockSpace3DBoundedBlockSpace3D is a 3D space of BoundedBlock elements
BuildDimensionBuildDimension contains the raw data of a single dimention of tiles in BuildWorld
BuildDimension::BuildPageBuildPage is a single page in the dimention
BuildGLWidgetBuildGLWidget is the interactive GLWidget used for designing the structure to solve
BuildHelpDlgBuildHelpDlg is the design sidebar widget displayed next to BuildGLWidget
BuildHelpDlg::FamCtrlFamCtrl aggragates the widgets of a single piece family in BuildHelpDlg
BuildWorldBuildWorld holds the raw data from the design editor
BuildWorld::TransSqrTransSqr is the datum of the transp internal lookup table used doTransparent()
BuildWorld::WorldLimitsWorldLimits contains the actual limits of BuildWorld in its 3 dimentions
ConfigurationConfiguration holds the configuration of the application
Coord3dCoord3d is a general purpose three dimentional vertor of ints
Coord3dfCoord3df is a general purpose three dimentional vector of floats
CoordBuildCoordBuild is a full coordniate designator for a tile in BuildWorld
CubeCube holds the solution engine which integrates Shape and PicsSet to produce instances of SlvCube
Cube::CubeCellCubeCell is the basic voxel value in the Cube 3D space
CubeDocCubeDoc centeralizes the data of the current design and solutions displayed in the application
DataPushButtonDataPushButton is a push button with some memory about its identity
DataSpinBoxDataSpinBox is a spin box with memory which can be set to middle values
DisplayConfDisplayConf holds configuration parameters for the 3D solution display
EngineConfEngineConf holds configuration parameters for the solution engine
GameWidgetGameWidget impelents the easter egg game functionality
GameWidget::ScoreScore is a single entity with a name and a score
GameWidget::ShipShip represents a single space invader
GameWidget::ShotShot represents a single shot shot from the gun
GLWidgetGLWidget serves as a further abstraction of OpenGL from QGLWidget
GrpColorDlgGrpColorDlg controls the color variables of the texture of a solution
HalfEdgeHalfEdge objects are used in the process of polygon subdivision in MyObject::subdivide()
LinesCollectionLinesCollection draws the lines seperating the pieces in the 3D solution display
MainWindowMainWindow is the main GUI window
ModelGLWidgetModelGLWidget is the GLWidget which displays the finished solution
ModelHelpDlgModelHelpDlg is the solution view sidebar displayed next to ModelGLWidget
MyAllocatorMyAllocator is a helper memory allocator for MyPoint, MyPolygon and HalfEdge objects
MyFileMyFile is a silly abstraction to a text file which contains data saved by the application
MyLineMyLine is a single line drawned using a specific color between two MyPoint instance
MyObjectMyObject is a mesh of polygons which make out a single piece in the 3D solution engine
MyObject::MyPointWrapperMyPointWrapper is a shallow wrapper for a MyPoint pointer
MyPointMyPoint represents a point in 3D space with some additional information relevat to it
MyPolygonMyPolygon represents a single polygon to the 3D solution display engine
OptionsDlgOptionsDlg is the configuration dialog of the application
OptionsDlg::SD_PassSD_Pass holds the widgets of a single subdivision pass in the display tab of OptionsDlg
PatchQGLContextPatchQGLContext is a dummy class that promotes methods from protected to public
PicArrPicArr is the most basic definition of the layout a piece
PicBucketPicBucket is the main repository where all the data about all the pieces resides
PicDefPicDef holds a complete definition of a single piece
PicDef::NAPathCoordNAPathCoord is the same as PathPoint but without any constructors
PicDef::PathCoordPathCoord is a 2D point used in the representation of the bounding path in PicDef
PicDef::PathPointPathPoint is the datum of the pathway table used to build the bounding path of a PicDef
PicFamilyPicFamily is a collection of the pieces of the same family
PicGroupDefPicGroupDef is a collection of similar looking pieces
PicInitThreadPicInitThread does some initialization in a seperate thread to avoid blocking the main GUI
PicPainterPicPainter creates the display list of the polygon mesh of a single piece in the 3D soultion view
PicPainter::BuildFrameBuildFrame is the datum of the internal lookup table used while creating the piece initial polygon mesh
PicsSelectWidgetPicsSelectWidget is the detailed piece selection window
PicsSelectWidget::GroupCtrlGroupCtrl holds the widgets relevant for a group of pieces.
PicsSelectWidget::PicCtrlPicCtrl holds the widgets relevant for a single piece in PicsSelectWidget
PicsSetPicsSet holds all the pieces of an active solving session
PicTypePicType represents a piece when it is a part of an active piece set
PieceGLWidgetPieceGLWidget is the small OpenGL widget in the solution sidebar which shows the current piece
PointPairPointPair is a simple struct of two MyPoints objects
Pool< T >Pool is a fast allocating buffer of many objects of the same type
PoolStatsPoolStats is the datum of the poolStats list which holds the optimal sizes of MyAllcator pools
RunStatsRunStats holds basic statistics and state for the solution engine
ShapeShape holds the definition of a structure design which can be built using happy cube pieces
Shape::CornerDefCornerDef is the definition of a corner, a point meeting place of several faces
Shape::FaceDefFaceDef is the definion of a face, A face is a placeholder for a 5x5 happy cube piece
Shape::SideDefSideDef is the definition of a side, a border between two faces
Shape::SideFindSideFind is the datum of the normSide lookup table used in Shape::checkSide()
Shape::TransTypeTransType holds the data of a transformation from and index to an index
ShapePlaceShapePlace represents a single tile in the Shape to be built
SIDlgSIDlg is an easter egg Space Invaders game
SillyRandSillyRand is a simple linear random number generator
SizedWidgetSizedWidget is a normal QWidget which impements sizeHint()
SlvCubeSlvCube represents a single solution of a design
SlvCube::SlvPicSlvPic holds the data of a single piece that was selected when the solution was generated
SlvCube::SlvPieceSlvPiece holds the date of a single tile in a solution
SlvDataSlvData is the data object for the action in the solution number combo of ModelHelpDlg
SlvPainterSlvPainter paints an entire solution scene on the given GLWidget
SolutionsSolutions holds the collection of the current solutions found
SolveDlgSolveDlg shows the statistics of a working solution engine
SolveThreadSolveThread is the thread dedicated for the solution generation engine
Space3D< T >Space3D is a generic three dimentional array
SqrLimitsSqrLimits contains limits of single dimention
TexAnchorTexAnchor is a simple 2D coordinate which specifies an anchor in a texture
TextureTexture contains the data of a texture in the 3D solution viewer
UsedPiecesUsedPieces is a bit array which indicated which pieces are in use