PicDef Class Reference

PicDef holds a complete definition of a single piece. More...

#include <Pieces.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PicDef ()
void makeBoundingPath ()
void SetSelected (int n) const
void addSelected (int n) const
int GetSelected () const

Public Attributes

PicArr v
QPixmap pixmap
int xOffs
int yOffs
PicPainter painter
int nUsed
int lastnSelected
int pathlen
PathCoord path [MAX_PATH_LEN]

Private Attributes

int nSelected


struct  NAPathCoord
 NAPathCoord is the same as PathPoint but without any constructors. More...
struct  PathCoord
 PathCoord is a 2D point used in the representation of the bounding path in PicDef. More...
struct  PathPoint
 PathPoint is the datum of the pathway table used to build the bounding path of a PicDef. More...

Detailed Description

PicDef holds a complete definition of a single piece.

Contains all the information one needs to know about a piece instances of this object are held by PicBucket

See also:
PicGroupDef PicBucket

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PicDef::PicDef (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void PicDef::makeBoundingPath (  ) 

void PicDef::SetSelected ( int  n  )  const [inline]

void PicDef::addSelected ( int  n  )  const [inline]

int PicDef::GetSelected (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

QPixmap PicDef::pixmap

int PicDef::nUsed [mutable]

int PicDef::lastnSelected [mutable]

int PicDef::nSelected [mutable, private]

PathCoord PicDef::path[MAX_PATH_LEN]

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