Solutions Class Reference

Solutions holds the collection of the current solutions found. More...

#include <Solutions.h>

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Public Types

typedef QList< SlvCube * > TSlvList


void changedFromSave (bool state)

Public Member Functions

 Solutions (int solveSize=-1)
 ~Solutions ()
void clear (int solveSize=-1)
bool readFrom (MyFile *rdfl)
bool saveTo (MyFile *wrfl, SlvCube *slv)
void setChangedFromSave ()
void resetChangedFromSave ()
bool getChangedFromSaved ()
void transform (const TTransformVec &moveTo)
int size () const
SlvCubeat (int i)
const SlvCubeat (int i) const
void addBackCommon (SlvCube *tmp)

Public Attributes

int slvsz

Private Attributes

TSlvList sv
bool m_bChangedFromSave

Detailed Description

Solutions holds the collection of the current solutions found.

CubeDoc holds a single instance of Solutions at all times which makes the current set of solutions present in the system. The user can view these solutions using the solutons view - ModelGlView. Each solution is contained in an SlvCube instance. Like SlvCube, Solutions relies on living in the context of the Shape the solutions belog to. This shape is also contained in CubeDoc.

See also:
CubeDoc SlvCube

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QList<SlvCube*> Solutions::TSlvList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Solutions::Solutions ( int  solveSize = -1  )  [inline]

Solutions::~Solutions (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void Solutions::clear ( int  solveSize = -1  ) 

bool Solutions::readFrom ( MyFile rdfl  ) 

bool Solutions::saveTo ( MyFile wrfl,
SlvCube slv 

void Solutions::setChangedFromSave (  ) 

void Solutions::resetChangedFromSave (  ) 

bool Solutions::getChangedFromSaved (  )  [inline]

void Solutions::transform ( const TTransformVec moveTo  ) 

int Solutions::size (  )  const [inline]

SlvCube* Solutions::at ( int  i  )  [inline]

const SlvCube* Solutions::at ( int  i  )  const [inline]

void Solutions::addBackCommon ( SlvCube tmp  ) 

void Solutions::changedFromSave ( bool  state  )  [signal]

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