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CubeDoc centeralizes the data of the current design and solutions displayed in the application. More...

#include <CubeDoc.h>

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Public Types

enum  EWarnMsg {

Public Slots

void OnOpenDocument (QString qname)
void OnNewBuild ()
void OnFileResetsolves ()
void OnFileOpen ()
bool OnGenShape ()
void OnFileSave ()
void slvTrigger (QAction *act)
void slvSetIndex (int ind)
void solveGo ()
 starts and stops the solution engine thread.
void solveStop ()
 stops the solve thread if its running. return only after it is stopped.
void OnFullEnumNoSlv ()
void evaluateBstatus ()
void setShowUpToStep (int step)


void updateViews (int hint)
void newSolutionsLoaded (QString filename)
void newShapeLoaded (QString filename)
void fileSaved (QString filename)
void allReset ()
void solveReset ()
void solvePopUp ()
void solveIndexChanged (int ind)
void solveNone ()
void slvProgUpdated (int hint, int data)
void changedFromSave (bool state)

Public Member Functions

 CubeDoc (QWidget *parent)
 ~CubeDoc ()
bool InitializePics ()
void waitInitFinish ()
BuildWorldgetBuild ()
SlvCubegetCurrentSolve ()
int getCurrentSolveIndex ()
bool solvesExist () const
int getSolvesNumber () const
int getUpToStep () const
bool isSlvEngineRunning ()
const RunStatsgetRunningStats ()
bool checkUnsaved (int types=DTSolutions|DTShape)
 used by the close event in the main window
bool isGoEnabled () const
EWarnMsg getWarning () const
EWarnMsg getPicsWarning () const

Public Attributes

Configuration m_conf

Private Types

enum  EDataType { DTSolutions = 0x01, DTShape = 0x02 }
 used in checkUnsaved() More...

Private Slots

void OnSolveReadyS (int slvind)

Private Member Functions

void OnNewDocument ()
bool callGenerate (Shape *shape, bool bSilent)
bool checkWhileRunning (const char *msg)
void easter ()
bool generalSaveFile (const char *defext, const char *filter, const char *title, QString &retname)
void realOpen (QString name)
bool realSave (int unGenSlvAnswer=-1)
void OnSolveNone (int bldhint=0)
void updateSlvCombo ()

Private Attributes

int m_nCurSlv
 the index of the current solution. -1 means there are none.
 the current design
int m_nUpToStep
 show solution and design up to this step. -1 mean show all.
bool m_bGoEnabled
EWarnMsg m_curWarning
EWarnMsg m_curPicsWarning

Detailed Description

CubeDoc centeralizes the data of the current design and solutions displayed in the application.

The Happy Cube Solver generally implements an MFC inspired Document-View model. All of the data which defines the current "state" of the application is stored in this class. This includes the current design from the design view which is stored in m_build, the current active solutions which are stored in m_slvs and the Shape class which corresponds to these solutions which is stored in m_shp. The only exception is the current state of the pieces selection which is stored directly in the global PicBucket singleton. CubeDoc's job is to manage this data and keep it current and in sync. it does not deal at all with display issues which are implemented in the different widgets. CubeDoc is responsible of opening and saving shape and solution files and for starting up the solution engine. There is only one instance of CubeDoc throughout the live of the application. this instance is created by MainWindow. even though solutions and shape can be loaded, saved and reset, the CubeDoc instance is never destroyed or replaced. This is a slight deviation from the Document-View model but it makes things much easyer. specifically signal and slots connection.

See also:
Shape Solutions BuildWorld

Member Enumeration Documentation


enum CubeDoc::EDataType [private]

used in checkUnsaved()


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CubeDoc::CubeDoc ( QWidget *  parent  ) 

CubeDoc::~CubeDoc (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool CubeDoc::InitializePics (  ) 

void CubeDoc::waitInitFinish (  ) 

BuildWorld& CubeDoc::getBuild (  )  [inline]

SlvCube* CubeDoc::getCurrentSolve (  )  [inline]

int CubeDoc::getCurrentSolveIndex (  )  [inline]

bool CubeDoc::solvesExist (  )  const [inline]

int CubeDoc::getSolvesNumber (  )  const [inline]

int CubeDoc::getUpToStep (  )  const [inline]

bool CubeDoc::isSlvEngineRunning (  )  [inline]

const RunStats * CubeDoc::getRunningStats (  ) 

bool CubeDoc::checkUnsaved ( int  types = DTSolutions|DTShape  ) 

used by the close event in the main window

true if we can move on. false if we need to stop what we're doing

bool CubeDoc::isGoEnabled (  )  const [inline]

EWarnMsg CubeDoc::getWarning (  )  const [inline]

EWarnMsg CubeDoc::getPicsWarning (  )  const [inline]

void CubeDoc::OnNewDocument (  )  [private]

bool CubeDoc::callGenerate ( Shape shape,
bool  bSilent 
) [private]

bool CubeDoc::checkWhileRunning ( const char *  msg  )  [private]

void CubeDoc::easter (  )  [private]

bool CubeDoc::generalSaveFile ( const char *  defext,
const char *  filter,
const char *  title,
QString &  retname 
) [private]

void CubeDoc::realOpen ( QString  name  )  [private]

bool CubeDoc::realSave ( int  unGenSlvAnswer = -1  )  [private]

void CubeDoc::OnSolveReadyS ( int  slvind  )  [private, slot]

void CubeDoc::OnOpenDocument ( QString  qname  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::OnNewBuild (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::OnFileResetsolves (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::OnFileOpen (  )  [slot]

bool CubeDoc::OnGenShape (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::OnFileSave (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::slvTrigger ( QAction *  act  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::slvSetIndex ( int  ind  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::solveGo (  )  [slot]

starts and stops the solution engine thread.

void CubeDoc::solveStop (  )  [slot]

stops the solve thread if its running. return only after it is stopped.

void CubeDoc::OnFullEnumNoSlv (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::evaluateBstatus (  )  [slot]

void CubeDoc::setShowUpToStep ( int  step  )  [inline, slot]

void CubeDoc::updateViews ( int  hint  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::newSolutionsLoaded ( QString  filename  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::newShapeLoaded ( QString  filename  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::fileSaved ( QString  filename  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::allReset (  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::solveReset (  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::solvePopUp (  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::solveIndexChanged ( int  ind  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::solveNone (  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::slvProgUpdated ( int  hint,
int  data 
) [signal]

void CubeDoc::changedFromSave ( bool  state  )  [signal]

void CubeDoc::OnSolveNone ( int  bldhint = 0  )  [private]

void CubeDoc::updateSlvCombo (  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

int CubeDoc::m_nCurSlv [private]

the index of the current solution. -1 means there are none.

the current design

int CubeDoc::m_nUpToStep [private]

show solution and design up to this step. -1 mean show all.

bool CubeDoc::m_bGoEnabled [private]

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