SlvCube Class Reference

SlvCube represents a single solution of a design. More...

#include <Solutions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SlvCube (int n, ShapePlace *plc, const PicsSet *picsc)
 SlvCube ()
 ~SlvCube ()
void genPainter (Shape *shp)
 prepare the painter to do its job
bool saveTo (MyFile *wrfl, int index)
bool readFrom (MyFile *rdfl, int _slvsz)
void transform (const TTransformVec &moveTo)
int numPieces () const
const PicGroupDefgetPieceGrpDef (int n) const

Public Attributes

int slvsz
int picssz
bool bConsidersSym
SlvPainter painter

Private Member Functions

void makeDt (ShapePlace *plc)


struct  SlvPic
 SlvPic holds the data of a single piece that was selected when the solution was generated. More...
struct  SlvPiece
 SlvPiece holds the date of a single tile in a solution. More...

Detailed Description

SlvCube represents a single solution of a design.

SlvCube does not contain any information about the structure of the Shape it based on and hence depends completly on living in the context of the Shape it was created upon. Essentially SlvCube is just a series of pieces layed out in the order of the faces of the Shape. An SlvCube Does contain complete information of the pieces it is made of an can live independantly from the PicsSet which lead to its creation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SlvCube::SlvCube ( int  n,
ShapePlace plc,
const PicsSet picsc 

SlvCube::SlvCube (  ) 

SlvCube::~SlvCube (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SlvCube::genPainter ( Shape shp  ) 

prepare the painter to do its job

bool SlvCube::saveTo ( MyFile wrfl,
int  index 

bool SlvCube::readFrom ( MyFile rdfl,
int  _slvsz 

void SlvCube::transform ( const TTransformVec moveTo  ) 

int SlvCube::numPieces (  )  const [inline]

const PicGroupDef* SlvCube::getPieceGrpDef ( int  n  )  const [inline]

void SlvCube::makeDt ( ShapePlace plc  )  [private]

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