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PicBucket is the main repository where all the data about all the pieces resides. More...

#include <Pieces.h>

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Public Slots

void updateTexture (int gind)


void boundTexture (int index, QImage img)
void updateTexture (int index, QImage img)

Public Member Functions

bool loadXML (const QString &xmlname)
 load the main configuration xml.
TexturenewTexture (QImage img, bool emitb=true)
void makeBitmapList ()
void buildMeshes (const DisplayConf &dpc, bool showStop, GLWidget *listContext)
int SelectedCount () const
const PicDefgetPic (int gind, int pind) const
void setSwapEndians (int v)
void updateSwapEndian (int v)
int numDefs () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void CreateSingleton ()
static const PicBucketInstance ()
static PicBucketMutableInstance ()

Public Attributes

int sumPics
 how many cubes, how many pics in total
QVector< PicGroupDefdefs
 group definitions, inside them the piece definitions
QList< Texture * > texs
QVector< PicFamilyfamilies

Private Member Functions

 PicBucket ()
 private ctor, this is a singleton

Private Attributes

int nSwapEndians

Static Private Attributes

static PicBucketg_instance

Detailed Description

PicBucket is the main repository where all the data about all the pieces resides.

PicBucket is a singleton object which is created at startup according to the piece definition XML it contains all the data know about all the pieces the application is aware of, even if some of these pieces are not currently being used.

See also:
PicGroupDef PicDef

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PicBucket::PicBucket (  )  [inline, private]

private ctor, this is a singleton

Member Function Documentation

bool PicBucket::loadXML ( const QString &  xmlname  ) 

load the main configuration xml.

this is one of the first things that ever happen in the application

Texture * PicBucket::newTexture ( QImage  img,
bool  emitb = true 

void PicBucket::CreateSingleton (  )  [static]

static const PicBucket& PicBucket::Instance (  )  [inline, static]

static PicBucket& PicBucket::MutableInstance (  )  [inline, static]

void PicBucket::makeBitmapList (  ) 

void PicBucket::buildMeshes ( const DisplayConf dpc,
bool  showStop,
GLWidget listContext 

int PicBucket::SelectedCount (  )  const

const PicDef& PicBucket::getPic ( int  gind,
int  pind 
) const [inline]

void PicBucket::setSwapEndians ( int  v  )  [inline]

void PicBucket::updateSwapEndian ( int  v  ) 

int PicBucket::numDefs (  )  const [inline]

void PicBucket::updateTexture ( int  gind  )  [slot]

void PicBucket::boundTexture ( int  index,
QImage  img 
) [signal]

void PicBucket::updateTexture ( int  index,
QImage  img 
) [signal]

Member Data Documentation

how many cubes, how many pics in total

group definitions, inside them the piece definitions

PicBucket * PicBucket::g_instance [static, private]

int PicBucket::nSwapEndians [private]

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