Shape.h File Reference

Declares the Shape class. More...

#include "general.h"
#include "MyFile.h"
#include <QLinkedList>
#include "Space3D.h"

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class  Shape
 Shape holds the definition of a structure design which can be built using happy cube pieces. More...
struct  Shape::FaceDef
 FaceDef is the definion of a face, A face is a placeholder for a 5x5 happy cube piece. More...
struct  Shape::SideDef
 SideDef is the definition of a side, a border between two faces. More...
struct  Shape::CornerDef
 CornerDef is the definition of a corner, a point meeting place of several faces. More...
struct  Shape::TransType
 TransType holds the data of a transformation from and index to an index. More...
struct  Shape::SideFind
 SideFind is the datum of the normSide lookup table used in Shape::checkSide(). More...


enum  EGenResult {
 return result of Shape::generate() More...

Detailed Description

Declares the Shape class.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum EGenResult

return result of Shape::generate()

GEN_RESULT_OK  everything went as expected
GEN_RESULT_NO_START  no yellow start tile was found
GEN_RESULT_NOT_CONNECT  shape is made of several unconnected volumes
GEN_RESULT_ILLEGAL_SIDE  there is a side with more the two faces agaist it
GEN_RESULT_UNKNOWN  should not occur...