Happy Cubes

Happy Cubes are small foam puzzles assumbled of pieces of about 4cm by 4cm by 8 mm in size. The puzzles come in groups of 6 such pieces of the same color and texture. When assembled, these pieces make up a basic cube of about 4cm by 4cm by 4cm in size.

assembled red happy cube     assembled blue happy cube

There are four families of Happy Cube puzzles, each containing 6 seperate cubes which are differentiated by color. Furthermore, Each family has a unique texture and difficulty.

Pieces of several different cubes can be joined together to make up larger and more complex structures. This process is usually very difficult and tedious to perform manually (this is where the Happy Cube Solver comes in).

assembled complex structure

The Happy Cube puzzles were invented by Dirk Laureyssens in 1986 and are manufactured by a belgian company named Happy n.v. At some point they were also known as "Cube It!" cubes and "wirrel warrel".

The Solver

The Happy Cube Solver is an interactive application that allows you to design complex structures and find puzzle solutions with ease. After the solver finds a solution to the structure, you can build it from your real, physical pieces.

solved complex model 1  solved complex model 2  solved complex model 3

The Happy Cube Solver is an educational application as well. It teaches the user useful 3D orientation skills and hand-eye coordination skills.

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SourceForge project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/happysolver/